Cabinet Design and Furniture Making

shop organizationCabinetry and Furniture making attracts those who share a passion for creatively producing objects from raw materials. They use imagination and problem-solving techniques, along with the skill of their hands to build, repair, and replicate custom pieces and objects that may last for generation.

Shop Organization and Layout

Woodworkers come in a wide spectrum of types, from the completely organized to the completely scattered.  Organizing your shop so that you can find all your tools when you need them, and have room to work, will enhancing your personal style and enjoyment.

Cabinet Making and Design

Be it kitchen cabinets or any other type cabinet, the design and finished look can only be maximize if done thoughtfully from the being to the end of the project.

Cabinet Refinishing

A well constructed cabinet unit can only truly shine and look it best when finished competently and completely Re-finishing a cabinet can be a cheap yet effective way to bring back the original design and look of an age unit.

Furniture Design and Custom Woodworking

Design is the first step to creating something that is truly your own. Designing your own furniture allows you to fully exercise your creativity which will be evident in your finished piece.  Customize designs to the requirements expands what can be completed using you current skill set.

Furniture Making

Building furniture is a complex procedure, knowing and following correct woodworking guidelines will enhance your skill and show in the finished piece.Furniture building utilized a wide set of skills need to cover the wide range of piece that may need to be completed over time.

Installing and Refinishing Cabinets

Cabinets are not truly complete until they receive their finished, hardware, and are properly hung. Any or all of these step can be outsourced, but a full knowledge of each is important so the a project can be fully realized.

Basics of Cabinets

Short introductory article explaining what a cabinet maker does.

Making Money in Woodworking

Either by selling your hobby pieces, working for some else, or by starting you own professional shop you've probably thought about making money through your woodworking.  Appropriately pricing and marketing your work is key to accomplishing it profitably.

Kitchen Cabinet Assembly

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