Cabinet Refinishing

A well constructed cabinet unit can only truly shine when finished competently and completely.  Re-finishing a cabinet can be a cheap yet effective way to bring back the original designers looks of an aged unit.

Cabinet Reface and Painting

The are several techniques outside of basic wood finish for finishing or refacing cabinets.  Choosing colors and the final look for the cabinet can make or break any kitchens design.

DIY Refinishing on a Budget

Inexpensive options to replacing cabinets including refinishing, or refacing the existing cabinets.

Furniture Restoration and Updating

Refacing or upgrading existing cabinets are an easy way to upgrade a kitchens look without the full expense of replacing the cabinets.

Refacing Cabinets

Refacing is often the best option to upgrading a kitchen.  Usually if a kitchen is functioning properly, but showing its age, facing is an excellent choice.

Resurfacing Options

Deciding among refacing, refinishing, and replacing is a decision determine by a variety of factors including cost, age, condition, design, and utility.  The goal made be to update the look, or to bring back the original look, or to completely change it.

Updating Cabinets

Often the best option is a quick refinishing to bring back the original, or updated look.  The are a number of ways to do this depending on each individual projects needs.

Cabinet Refinishing

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