DIY Refinishing on a Budget

Inexpensive options to replacing cabinets including refinishing, or refacing the existing cabinets.

DIY Guide to Re-staining Kitchen Cabinets

Re-staining your kitchen cabinets is a great way to give them an up-to-date look. So read the do-it-yourself guide below to get tips on what products and materials you need, where you can buy the materials, which  re-staining techniques you can use, and common mistakes you may want to avoid.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Is a Good Way to Increase Value Without Spending Big

After years of cooking and cleaning, kitchen cabinets can start to look at little worn. Installing new cabinets might cross your mind, but cabinets are one of the most expensive additions you can make to your kitchen. According to remodel expert This Old House, bottom-line cabinets for a 10 X 12 kitchen run around $5,000, not including installation and counter-tops that might need to be replaced.

Cabinet Door Refinishing Vs. Cabinet Refacing

Should you refinish or reface your cabinets? These restoration techniques sound similar, but are they? When homeowners are deciding to restore their kitchen cabinets, they may hear or read about several 're-' terms. For instance, there is 'refinishing' and 'refacing.' They sound similar, but the results and costs are different.

Common Ways to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Are you curious what refinishing options are available for stained, laminate or white cabinets? Read this article about refinishing ideas specifically for them.

Tips and Suggestions for Re-staining Kitchen Cabinets

Re-staining cabinets can be a long process, but the rewards are definitely worthwhile.  Re-staining cabinets is a way for homeowners to boost their cabinets appearance by changing the finish. When homeowners decide to re-stain cabinets, there are several steps to follow. Here is a discussion of the major steps.

Brand New Look for a Fraction the Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets

Why do many homeowners turn to refacing their cabinets rather than replacing them? One major reason is that it is affordable. According to the writers at Demesne: Information for the Way You Live Today, refacing can cost 30-50 percent less than buying new cabinets. It is less expensive because the existing cabinets stay in place and just the surface of these cabinets change. Here are some of the possible cabinet refacing options.

Re-using Cabinets

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