Furniture Design and Custom Woodworking

Design is the first step to creating something that is truly your own.  Designing your own furniture allows you to fully exercise your creativity which will be evident in your finished piece.  Customize designs to the requirements expands what can be completed using you current skill set.

Basic Furniture Design

The first step to making a quality objects is its design.  And the first step to excellent design is understanding and using basic design.

Furniture Design Ideas and Inspiration

Where do design ideas come from, and how original do the need to be, to truly be your own?  Although design is a personal procedure, there are some basic steps to follow to finish a desired piece.

Sketches and Furniture Mock-ups

Once the proper concept is arrived at, there are a number of steps that often are used before the actual build.  They include concept sketch, working drawings, and mock-up.  Depending on the complexity of the project and the experience of the woodworker, various paths can be taken.  It is often advisable for less experience woodworkers to follow as many of the steps as logically possible to  have the best chance of reaching there goal.

Furniture Design Tips and Guidelines

Developing design concepts in functioning esthetically pleasing pieces involves both a artistic feel for the finished piece along with knowledge of historically balanced proportions. Assuring a good design involves the proper balance of the new and the old.

Custom Furniture and Design Sites

Craftsmanship will always show through in quality woodcraft.  The following are sites showing the passion and creativity of woodworkers through their finished pieces.

Furniture design

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