Selling your Woodwork Pieces

Selling your pieces includes picking the correct markets, pricing your piece correctly, and knowing the correct sales channels. It important to know if you are trying to run a viable business, or just trying to move your pieces.

Starting A Woodworking Business

If you have a passion for woodworking, whether you like to make small artistic craft items or larger furniture and so on then the great news is that you really can turn your passion into profit by starting your own business.

Selling Turned Wood

Every woodturner will, at some time in their career as an artist or craftsman, as two questions. Where and how can I sell my work, and How do I price it?

Marketing and Pricing Woodturning Skills

Many prospective professional turners may think, that once they have become proficient and can work quickly and accurately, they are well on their way to making the transition from hobbyist to full-time professional.

Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Crafts

There comes a point in time where you come to the realization that in order to make more room in your studio or craft area you will need to part with your creations. You have covered all the major holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. You have even made up a few because your sure that somewhere in this whole wide world, some one is celebrating something and you present your craft as a gift to any available family member.

The Craft Sale Circuit

Times have changed. What used to be a casual, old fashioned, town square market-like business has developed into a full-fledged industry and is becoming more widely recognized as a major contributor to this country's economy. This means that there are more sales in more venues, with newer methods of selling, and the crafter -- like any business person -- will have to become more business-minded to compete. There are still some simple things you can do to increase your success, if you plan right. But be careful, as statistics show you are entering an increasingly professional, competitive marketplace.

How to Sell Your Wood Carvings

If you are reading this article it is likely you find yourself proficient enough in wood carving to think others may want to purchase what you have carved. Assuming you are not deluding yourself and your wood carvings  are of reasonable quality, you should carefully think about your goals.

Selling Turned Wood

There as many different way to sell or turned wood as there woodturners to sell it. Many choose to never sell their work, some choose to sell it some of the time, and others will always sell anything they make for the right price.

Selling your Woodworking Art

Our challenge as craftsmen and Intarsia artists is to discover our markets. You need to know your market, who is your customer? Are you selling a product to local or global customers.

How to Sell Online

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