Entering the Woodworking Market

Do you really want to get into a woodworking business?  Spending more time in you hobby, and getting paid to do it sounds good.  But, it often requires giving up all the parts of woodworking that you enjoy.

Tips for Starting up a Woodworking Business

Woodworking is a fascinating hobby, one that started back in primitive times and which is extraordinarily popular in today’s world. Whether you’ve been working in woodworking since you were a child or are just getting started in it now, starting a woodworking business may be a dream of yours and one that you can certainly achieve.

Is Now The Time to Start A Woodworking Business?

In my opinion, right now may be the best time any of us will ever see to start that woodworking business we've been thinking of for so long because there are five major trends developing in the world today that create significant advantages and overriding reasons to start now.

Start a Woodworking Business in a Bad Economy

The economy has gone down the tubes, but you are ready to start your own woodworking business. Do you wait till the economy is recovered, or should you go ahead with your plans right now?

A computer programmer asks whether he's crazy to want to work in a cabinet shop instead.

I am strongly considering making a radical career change from my current office/computer job into cabinetmaking and would just like to hear the opinions and advice from you insiders.

The #1 Secret to Killing a Business? Keep Being a Woodworker.

Before there’s any mob lynchings, let me preface this post by saying, that what you’re going to read is the biggest mistake I ever made in business starting out. Simply because I ignored this fact for a long time.

The Reason You Want a Woodworking Business

There’s a lot of reasons people take up woodworking as a means of generating income. But what is the number one goal for you starting a woodworking business?

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