Woodworking Techniques

All projects require a personal method of construction and degree of creativity, beginning at the design and ending at the completed project. But there are time-tested rules and conventions that will help steer you through even the most complex projects.

Craftsmanship, and Furniture Restoration

The care and restoration of antiques can be a hobby in and of itself, but is the craftsmanship shown in those antiques still alive, or have the use of power tools made it antiquated.

Cutting Curves and Dados, Handyman tips

Basic skills of the woodworker are part of the skills held by a knowledgeable handyman. Learn skill for both enhance their ability to complete projects successfully. Cutting curves and circles is a learn skill which is more advance than a simple straight cut but necessary for basic woodworking. The Dado joint making is a basic skill needed for many furniture pieces.

Woodworking Technique

Sanding and Wood Finishing Types

The final step to any project is often done slapdash, or just not to the standards of the rest of the project. For a truly standout piece, finishing correctly is of the utmost importance.

Sharpening and Measurement

Keeping your tools sharp and you measurement accurate and complete allow for pieces that can shows both a beautiful design and razor sharp construction.

Wood Finishing Technique

The are numerous ways to finishing any piece.  The challenge is not only use the correct finishing technique but, choosing the correct finish for the job.

Wood Joints Technique and Types

The choice of joints will affect the overall robustness, flexibility, and appearance of any piece. But often the appearance of the joint itself becomes almost as important.

Handyman Cutting Plywood

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