Dovetail Joints

Learning the correct technique for a Dovetail Joints will payback dividends for the long-term, with quality looking, will built pieces.

Dovetail vs. box joint strength

When I built the stand for my homemade bandsaw I joined the corners with dovetail joints that I cut on my bandsaw.  I later made a few more joints while shooting a video demonstrating my technique. So then I had some sample dovetail joints that I didn't have any use for. I figured I might as well break them to  see there strength.

Half-Blind Dovetails

This page builds on the techniques demonstrated on the "Through Dovetails" page.  Some techniques demonstrated on the Through Dovetails page are not repeated here so the reader is advised to review the Through Dovetails techniques before starting on Half-Blind Dovetails.

Through Dovetails

This page, and the one on half-blind dovetails, are intended for the students in my hand cut dovetails class.  The instructions here are intended to supplement the classroom instruction and, therefore, may not be sufficient for someone to learn how to make hand cut dovetails, just from these pages.

How to Make a Dovetail Joint

The use of a dovetail joint can help you to create a strong bond between two pieces of wood, which can be of great assistance in the construction of an item. To ensure that it is properly effective, it is essential to be aware of the correct way to make the joint.

Dovetail Case Joints

Dovetail joints are among the most aesthetically pleasing joints, and if correctly constructed they can also be the strongest. The locking of the pins into the tails provides a very strong mechanical joint that has many advantages. Dovetail joints also allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood, without compromising its structural integrity.

Cutting Dovetail Joints With A Jig

Dovetail joints are often used to make the corners of drawers or cabinets, and could best be described as a 'finger locking' joint. They resemble two pieces of a puzzle that are put together. These joints are strong and attractive, but require practice to make well.

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