Carving Wood, Whittling, Chip Carving,

Relief Carving, and Power Carving

Whittling and Carving Wood


There are a variety of carving woods and a variety of carving method. Knowing which use to, and know which method of carving while all you to efficiently complete are project you have in mind. Different method help introduce carving to various new carver as they explore what is right for them.

Wood Whittling Basics

If you have a knife and some wood you can begin carving wood.  Whittling can be an enjoyable way to make a quick simple project, but can also be used to make true works of art.

Fundamentals of Chip Carving
Chip carving is a relatively easy form of carving they is often use to decorate furniture.  Chip carving is much faster than other forms of carving and allows a new carver to practice individuals cuts before diving in on a project.  If you are looking for a practical way to get into carving, chip carving may be it.

Power Wood Carving
Power Carving allows carvers to use specialize power tools to complete they projects.  A purest will not recognize this as “true” carving, but from anyone concern with efficiency power carving is a must.  Power carving can also be a godsend for a carver that does not have the hand strength to complete carvings.

High and Low Relief Carving
Relief carving has historically been the primary form of decorative carving.  There is still a strong market for both high and low relief carvings for decorating items and wall hangings.

Introduction to Carving Woods

There are a number of woods for carving, and a number that are not.  There a handful of popular types to carve, a number that will give you a specific look.  Learning which is best for different carving will increase the quality of your finished piece.

Fundamentals of Woods for Carving
What makes a piece of wood a good candidate for a specific carving, and what makes it a piece of scrap wood?  Know what piece of wood will be good for a specific type or style of carve. And what not to bother with.

Basic Whittling

Whittling an Animal

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