Fundamentals of Wood Carving

Woodcarving Fundamentals
If your thinking about wood carving as a hobby you have a lot of directions in which to choose. Wood carving can be something simple like whittling for complex like carving some intricate “in the round”. Wood carving can be a hobby onto itself, or a way to enhance you other woodwork pieces.

Introductory Primer to Wood Carving

Of all the art forms available to craftsmen, wood carving may well be one of the oldest developed skill in man's history. Carved designs and accents have appeared in furniture design, the building components of our homes and places of worship, the household items that we use everyday, and of course as simply beautiful decorative sculptures.

Guide to Woodcarving

Carving is the form of woodworking where the cutting away of wood is done by hand, resulting in a dimensional wooden figure. It is simply the art of carving wood to make decorative objects.

Wood Carving Fundamentals

At first wood carving looks nothing more than daunting, but as technique, style, and method is learned it becomes a skill. You may not think you have the abilities to carve, but after learning where your natural ability lie, you will be able to enhance them through technique.

Basic Wood Carving

Although it popular to this that you can pickup a random piece of wood, and a steak knife or of the kitchen and carve a piece of art, it doesn't really work that way.  Having the right supplies, and the right piece of wood is essential to learning the skills needed.

Beginning Wood Carving

Once you have decided to start carving wood, the best place to start is to learn as much as possible from those with experience. Luckily if you don't have someone to learn directly from we know have the internet to find out where to start.

Wood Carving Basics

Your first project is a good place to experiment and learn.  Start with something easy and make sure you are following the proper safety procedures.

Fundamentals of the Woodcarving Hobby

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