Wood Carving Fundamentals

At first wood carving looks nothing more than daunting, but as technique, style, and method is learned it becomes a skill. You may not think you have the abilities to carve, but after learning where your natural ability lay, you will be able to enhance them through technique.

Thoughts on Woodcarving Fundamentals

It is not always easy for me to define a subject for an article.  Actually, I find it difficult to write a couple of pages on a single subject.  After all, I am more of a woodcarver than a writer.  So, in this article you are going to get some rambling thoughts on a few fundamentals of wood carving.

I could never carve like that; could I?

I went through this web site and saw all the beautiful pictures of such prize woodcarvings and thought to myself, “I will never be able to carve like this”. Woodcarving just may be an unattainable dream. First I had to learn all about the tools and how to make and keep them sharp. Okay I had that part down. But now look at all of these beautiful carvings, some on priceless pieces of furniture. Could I carve like this?

The Basics to Landscape Relief Wood Carving

Landscape patterns can create many hours of fun for any wood carver. So, if you will join me, we will go through this project step by step from the original design to a finished painted carving ready to proudly display in your home.

Getting Started – Woodcarving Article

For our first installment I’m going to talk about some basic things you’ll want to have handy to get started woodcarving. Some of these are things you already know and some of them you may not have thought of but I have found them all to be very handy.

Try Your Hand At The Craft of Woodworking

Woodworking can be a profession or a great hobby. If you are talented and can produce quality pieces, you can make a good living or just pick up some extra income.

Carving Wood Into Works Of Art

Anyone can grab a pocketknife and whittle a stick into a campfire cooking spear. But with woodcarving, the difference is in the details and the supplies.

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