Carving Wood Faces

How to carve a face


Carving a wooden face is often daunting for a new wood carver, but by learning the correct technique and skills you can quickly become adroit at it. There many style and methods available depending on the result you are expecting.
Carved Faces

A face says so much; that it is important we learn to carve them. I have never known a carver that didn't want to carve faces well. Reading this article probably wont make you a great face carver; but you may learn a thing or two about carving better faces.

Face Carving Layout

I thought I would sit down and explain how I go about laying out faces that I carve. I mainly use the “Rule of Thirds” when I set out to lay out a face. This rules states that the face can be broken up into three areas and that they are all equal. I use dividers to get my measurements, you could use a ruler but dividers are easier to use.

Rules For Carving Faces

When I talk with other people about carving faces I try to explain to them about the "rules" for carving faces. These "rules" explain the placement of features on the face or how to carve these features to make them look realistic.

Carved Faces

The first thing to realize is that faces may be carved in many different levels of reality.  The face at right is fairly realistic.  The eyeballs are not quite round; in fact they are rather flat; otherwise a carved face to be proud of. This face is on an old European nutcracker.

Caricature Carving, An Introduction

You have certainly all seen caricature drawings as political cartoons in newspapers and magazines.  Making a caricature of a real person entails identifying features of the person one can exaggerate.  For instance, today, we see pictures of President Obama with exaggerated ears.  No public figure, and especially politicians are exempt from being “caricaturized” by artists.

Carving the Wood Spirit Face

or carvers, the Wood Spirit is a wonderful theme to use for experimentation with new techniques and image ideas. These delightful little creatures come in an unlimited variety of shapes, styles, and forms. You will find Wood Spirits used as cane handle ornamentation, free standing statues, and even wall hanging.

Carving Elfs

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