Intermediate Wood Carving

After the basic of wood carving are learned you can go on to various carving projects. Some can be made in a short amount of time, other more time consuming and intricate. Its important to find where your talents and interest fall so that you can concentrate in those areas.

Simple Wood Carving Designs

You can find many wood carving designs on the Web, in craft stores and in wood carving magazines. However, not all those designs are appropriate for the beginner level. The best patterns for new carvers include Christmas ornaments and walking sticks.

Carving Hints and Ideas

From time to time I will add carving hints and ideas that I have collected over the years. These suggestions come from experience and from other carvers who generally had to learn these things the hard way. We hope you will come back to read these hints and let me know if they work and to send me any new hints, ideas and suggestions that work for you. I will add items chronologically as I remember them and as I receive them.

Woodcarving Tips, Tricks and Techniques That Work

Wood carving and whittling may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.  Carving is enjoyable and you may be prone to sharing it with others; thus, causing them to experience the same distractions from less pleasant tasks as you may experience yourself.

Wood Carving Techniques

Wood can be accurately shaped into complex forms by an amount of effort well within the capacity of the human hand using an edged steel tool.

Wood Carving Techniques

If you're interested in carving wood, you should understand the four basic wood carving techniques. All wood carving techniques involve hands-on manipulation of that delicious-smelling fresh, soft wood, but some carving techniques are more difficult than others.

Creating Ridges in Diamond Willow

However, a little later, I began working on a pair of walking sticks. As I sized up the two pieces of raw wood, I saw that one had some beautiful ridges waiting to be exposed, while the other had flatter diamonds. The base of the second piece suggested a snake with a flared neck, such as a cobra or (as I found out while looking for reference materials on cobras) a hog-nosed snake.

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