Wood Carving Tools

Knives and Gouges


Wood carving can be done with just a few tools for the beginner, or a whole room full for an artisan. Depending on the type or types or carving you want to make will determine the tools you will need to collect. Have the right tools available, and the right accessories on hand will make wood carving a more enjoyable hobby.

Beginner's Wood Carving Tools

When you begin carving there are a number of tools available for you to use. Choosing the tools that you will be using both now and in the future is important so that you collect useful tools.

Basic Woodcarving Tools

Woodcarving can be as simple or as complex as the project requires or as the carver cares to make it. An amazing amount of work can be done on small basswood or butternut carvings with just a chip-carving knife or an X-Acto knife. Add a few gouges and your range of carving possibilities increases.

Basic Wood Carver Tools

When you begin carving you will have to make the choice between acquire more tools or just using what you have. If you're lucky you may he a collection available to you, otherwise you will have to tailor you style to the tools you have, until you can collect some more.

Wood Carving Knives and Gouges

Carving knifes in whittling and other carving methods are important to your carving style.  Know which knife to acquire, and how to use them is important to the final look of your piece.


Wood Carving Accessories

Along with the cutting tools there are a number of essential or desirable accessories available to the wood carver. They all add to the look of the finished piece, and should not be overlooked by the beginner.

Sharpening Chisels, Gouges and Knives

Carving involves cutting with sharp tools. If you want good carvings, you need well sharpen tools. Learning the correct way to sharpen will save you time and money, while increasing you enjoyment of actually carving wood.

How to Sharpen Wood Carving Tools

Know how to sharpen you tools will increase the tools life, save you money, and increase the quality of your carving.  Once you have learned how to sharpen your tools correctly it becomes you job to meticulously keep them sharp.

Tools for Wood Carving

Your tools when used correctly will help produce your desired finished piece. If you are not working the right tools or not using them correctly your piece will consistently be of less quality than your skill level.

Wood Carving Chisels

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