Beginner's Wood Carving Tools

When you begin carving there are a number of tools available for you to use. Choosing the tools that you will be using both now and in the future is important so that you collect useful tools.

Woodcarving Tools – Where Should One Start

In my many years of carving, I have spent more money on tools than I would like to admit (please don’t tell my wife). Some early ones were terrible mistakes. Since my blog site became active, I have had several inquiries about what kind of tools one should buy. I find answering that question difficult because everyone has different desires. About the only thing I can do is tell folks what I use personally with the caveat that they should try them before buying. So, I thought this might make a good subject for a posting… what are the tools that I actually use. I am going to focus on gouges (chisels) in this case.

Your Essential Wood Carving Tools

Wood carving is both a craft and a form of art, one that has persisted since the dawn of mankind, and one that still sees a lot of use today. Indeed, it is still very widely practiced today by hobbyists and professionals.

The Beginner's Tool Kit

Wood carving is one of the few hobbies that does not require a large investment of money into tools and supplies to get started.  With a few basics you are ready to begin your first project.   Below is a peek into a simple beginner's tool kit.

Basic Tools Used for Wood Carving

With the current technology and machinery being used to create and duplicate wood carvings, the art of wood carving is more and more becoming a hobby. While there still are professional carvers it is getting to be  tougher to make a living strictly from carving or sculpting wood.

Wood Carving and Sculpting Use a Variety of Tools to Form, Shape, and Design Wooden Materials

Whether utilized as artistic creations or as industrial products, wood carving and sculpting projects require a variety of tools depending on the type of cut, shape, and design each woodwork needs. Each tool is meant  for a more specific task. The use of each one depends on the kind of figure needed for a project, the intricacy of the designs, and the shaping and styling requirements of a particular wooden piece.

Wood Carving Tools

Over the years, the art of wood carving has greatly evolved. Today, more efficient carving techniques are now being practiced, since more reliable wood carving tools have already been introduced.

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