Pyrography Fundamentals

Wood Burning (Pyrography) can be use on wood carving to enhance there look, or as an art form on its own. Learning was can be done will simple wood burnings tools can help guide your carvings.

Pyrography On Wood and More

When a friend, who is a high school art teacher, introduced him to state-of-the-art wood-burning tools in 1984, he felt as though he had "stepped out of the Dark Ages," as he described it. He loved carving and had wanted to find a way to achieve great detail in his work. With that discovery, he not only found a means to create lifelike details in his wildlife carvings, he also tried doing Pyrography on maple boxes, starting with his first experiment, which was to make and decorate a box where he could store his turkey things.

Wood Burning or "Pyrography" Tools

Most burners will tell you on the box, what their temperature range or setting is for that particular tool. The better quality burners will generally have a temperature dial that lets you adjust from 500 to 900 degrees. Lower quality Pyrography tools, typically have a one temperature setting around 600 degrees.

11 Tips for Successful Wood Burning

Watch where you grab and put down your Pyrography pen. It can cause quite a burn. Use your pen holder at all times to avoid damaging your work desk and your body.

Picking the Right Wood Burning Tools

The older units were like a soldering iron where the heat coil, pen and tip were all one unit, quite heavy and hard to handle. The newer units have a separate control box, (Pyrography tool), power line (heavy and light duty cables) and wood burning pen... thus the pen is independent and much lighter. Decide which pen is right for you, off price for ease of use.

Clean the tips of your wood burning pen

Clean the tips of your wood burning pen: extends life & improves quality or your work. There are a number of different ways to clean the tips of your wood burning pen.

Wood Burning Blanks

Basswood would always be considered the wood of choice for novice wood burners. Its fine and uniform texture allow it to be worked easily. It's light, almost white color allows for great contrast and shading. It can be easily worked into boxes, and craft items with relatively basic woodworking tools.

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