Wood Carving Ideas

There are numerous creative ways to show off your carving talents, but traditional and not. By exploring different ideas and style you will discover how you will express yourself in you carvings.

Organized Graffiti: (Carving) Knives to the Walls

Students at the Belmont Hill School always leave their marks on the walls - just like they're supposed to. Since 1923, over 3,000 of them have picked up a chisel and created what woodworking instructor Steven Kaplan calls "organized graffiti": the 12" x 12" carved panel that's part of their graduation requirements.

Carve an Easter Egg from a Branch

Carving an Easter egg is a relatively easy wood carving for Easter and spring. This wood carving craft not only gives you something to look forwards to on dreary winter days, but also is an Easter craft you can display  with pride this Easter. Here is how to carve a wooden Easter egg from a branch.

Gift Ideas for the Wood Carving Enthusiast

For individuals who enjoy working with their hands and playing in the outdoors, woodworking has become a widely popular interest. For some wood working enthusiasts, the interest lies simply in the art of wood carving  and the creation of beautiful objects using simple hand tools. For others, the craft is much larger, creating furniture and grand pieces of art. For a simple gift idea, during the holiday season or birthday, consider the following gift ideas for the person who enjoys wood carving.

How to Sell Your Wood Carvings

Are you carving strictly to make money? Are you interested in selling some of your carvings to support your hobby--to pay for your new tools, books, wood and classes? Is your house too full of your wood carvings and you just need to get rid of some to make room for your new wood carvings? Your reasons for selling your wood carvings have a lot to do with how you should go about selling your works.

  Oaxaca Stylistic Profiles and Avenues of Influence

In the Oaxaca region of carvers and painters, we find traditional artists working alongside experimentalists and innovators. The avenues of innovation and preservation give unique identity and insight to their individual styles.

  Oaxaca Distinctive Regional Painting Techniques by Village

Methods of painting Oaxaca carvings are uniquely localized to the particular village they originate. Some villages originally had reputations for being weavers while others were potters. As this art form evolved these carvers incorporated geometric rug patterns and mosaic floral designs into their work.

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