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Woodworking is a hobby which can be restful and enjoyable, and there is more to it than only a way to earn extra money. If you love to take the time to work with wood, and making new objects then you will love your new hobby.

Wood and tools are the life's blood of woodwork. Starting out in woodcrafting involves the gathering of the correct tools to properly complete any project. But as you advance in experience, your collecting will continue, as your skill grows, so will your collection.

There are numerous types of saws, with the sole function of removing material from a larger piece and leaving a more useful or desired piece for construction.

Cabinetry and Furniture making attracts those who share a passion for creatively producing objects from raw materials. They use imagination and problem-solving techniques, along with the skill of their hands to build, repair, and replicate custom pieces and objects that may last for generations.

All projects require a personal method of construction and degree of creativity, beginning at the design and ending at the completed project. But there are time-tested rules and conventions that will help steer you through even the most complex projects.

Woodturning takes many forms, from the popular bowl turning to the functional leg turning, from large columns to small writing pens. While sharing some aspects of other woodcrafting skills, it is unique where the wood is in motion relative to fix tools.

An introduction to the fundamentals of wood carving including tools, techniques and the art. Woodworking carving can be enjoyed at many levels, from whittling a stick with a pocket knife to carving a sculpture in a fully equipped shop with chisels and power tools.

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How to Carve Wood Animals

If you are interested in carving in the round, simple animals figures is a good place to start.   With a simple animal figure you can learn while still producing a passable animal carving. Simple skill learned earn will be use later in more intricate carvings.  As your skill increase so will the quality and designs of your wood animals.

Woodturning Technique and Design

Steps of the turning process including selecting the correct tools, techniques and tool organization. Receive advice on every step of the turning process, including selecting the right lathe, basic safety and wood shop setup, an overview of the proper tools and how to use them, and the basics on sharpening, sanding, and finishing.

Review of Bosch 4100-09 10-inch Portable Table Saw

The Bosch 4100 10-inch Portable Table Saw offers enhanced features to help make the saw more precise, safer, and more durable then the previous 4000 series Bosch Saw. The 15-amp, motor generates a up to four horsepower and 3,650 RPM for easy clean cutting.  Bosch engineered into this saw numerous feature unique for the portable table saw category.

Building A Workbench: A Personal Journey

The design of a woodworker's workbench is a very personal choice. This article is to help show how and why I built mine, and hopefully to help you as you make your own choices. It was hard for me to decide, from all the great options, on the types of workbenches to build, with its vises, hold-downs, and dog-holes. And there are many great workbench styles out there.

Advice for a New Wood Carver

Always have sharp tools. They cut clean, even against the grain if you are careful. They are also safer to use than dull ones,  you will exert more force and that is when things start to slip and slide and bite you. So, learn how to sharpen properly first.

How to Carve Wood

The best way to learn to carve wood is to get out there and start carving. Start simple, get use to your knife or chisel, and start getting a feel for different types of wood.

What to Look for in a New Circular Saw

Circular saws are used to make rough cuts in wood of all sizes. Since circular saws lack a fence and table system, they are less accurate for making straight cuts, but circular saws are portable and powerful, and have plenty of uses in the wood shop. If you want to add a circular saw to your power tools collection, here are some things to consider before you buy.
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