Tools for New Woodworkers

The right tool is a long-term investment.  Picking the tool that will be most useful for projects, not just today but over the lifetime of the tool should effect the decision of which tools to invest in.

Rules for Workbenches 
After all, when woodworkers buy or build their first workbench, they are in the early stages of learning the craft. They don’t know what sort of bench or vises they need, or why one bench looks different than another. So they pick a form that looks good to them -- occasionally mixing and matching bits and pieces from different forms -- and get busy.

$175 Workbench

I’ve hauled my grandfather’s workbench across snow-covered Appalachian mountains, down narrow stairwells and into a dirt-floored garage that should have been torn down during the Eisenhower administration. I’ve built a lot of good stuff on that bench, but now it’s time to retire the old horse.

Beginner's List of Woodworking Tools

These basic tools are most used while working with wood, no matter what the project is. It's important to know what the tool is, when you need it, and what it is used for.

Beginner's Guide to Woodworking Power Tools

A beginning woodworker has a huge array of power tools from which to choose. It can be quite difficult to decide on just what power tools to purchase when you are standing in front of the impressive displays at Home  Depot. With some careful consideration and a few tips from an experienced woodworker, you can make your tool investment wisely.

How to Equip a Home Woodworking Workshop

Furnishing tools for a workshop centers on two general areas. The first is to determine the type of work to be accomplished with the tools. The second is to check the budget to help decide on the quality and extent of tool buying that can be done. Most of the time when a person decides to furnish a workshop, it is more of a carpentry or woodworking shop.

How To Select Basic Woodworking And Carpentry Tools

It doesn't take state-of-the-art tools to create some excellent items. Woodworking and carpentry isn't all that complicated. Anyone who pursues this hobby will, of course, want to acquire some simple tools.

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