Woodworking Terms, Tips, Tricks, and a Little Humor

Woodworking Terms and Jargon
What does that mean, and how do they do that, and a
Woodworking Tips
little humor to break up the day.  Tips, tricks, and hints, along with some terminology and jargon glossaries, and a small collection of woodworking humor.

General Woodworking Tips

This is a collection of generalize woodworking tips covering a wide range of topics inside nearly every specialty of woodworking.

Woodworking as a Hobby

Various reason why people take on woodworking as a hobby.  Including if woodworking is the right hobby for you.  The interception of art and craft and with the utilization of the finish items, is attractive to many but daunting to most.

Basic Woodwork Terminology

Understanding woodworking jargon can be a task onto itself.  This is a compilation of various basic glossary covering numerous woodworking terms.

Introduction to Woodwork Terminology

Introductory glossary  with explanation of woodworking terminology and the tools use by woodworkers.

Humor in the Wood Shop

A few not very useful jokes relating to woodworking in general.

Woodworking Terms and Jargon

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