Circular Saw and Blades

Circular Saw
The versatile Circular Saw cuts more than wood, making it a convenient tool for the handy man. Make sure you are using the right blade for the type of material you are cutting.

How to Change the Blades of a Circular Saw

If you have a circular saw, then you will need to change its blades sometime or other. The steps for changing blades of a circular saw are easy. It is important that you change blades of your saws regularly, to get smooth and clean cuts.

Choosing a Blade for Your Cordless Circular Saw

The blades used with a cordless circular saw will change depending on they type of material you wish to cut. Battery powered circular saws offer a more convenient and mobile alternative to the corded variety. Different blades are used for a wide variety of projects, whether you want to cut wood, metal, brick or concrete.

Tips for Choosing the Right Circular Saw Blade

It doesn't matter what type of job your are doing, there is a circular saw blade that is perfect for that project. The circular saw is used in a wide variety of construction projects and having the right circular saw blade will provide a better cut.

How to Use a Circular Saw

This type of hand held power saw is a basic tool in a carpenter, builder, or home renovator's tool kit. The one in the photo is a 160mm (6 1/2inch) blade size. The larger ones are 235mm blade size. Here are some basic tips and instructions on the proper use of circular saws.

The Circular Saw

There are many different varieties of the circular saw. This saw is generally classified by its circular blade, which lumps it in a category with a variety of saws that use that blade. Using a metal disc with saw teeth, the blade spins around and helps make an accurate cut. There are a variety of circular saws from ones that are mounted to other hand held options.

Circular Saw Guide

In our series on reviewing the circular saw let's examine guiding systems. These are add-ons to make using a circular saw easier to handle and a more precise tool. When it comes to using this kind of saw efficiently, you'll discover that a fence or guide system (track saw) is certainly helpful.

Circular Saw Tips and Techniques

Brush up on the basics with this collection of circular saw do's and don'ts. Learn how to use a circular saw safely and effectively. These pro tips and techniques will help you build everything from a few shelves to a whole house faster and better.

Circular Saw Tips

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