The Scroll Saw, Marquetry and Intarsia

Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is useful for cutting intricate curves in cases where a jig saw does not work well, and when cutting curves with edges.

Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is used for cutting intricate curves,and is capable of creating curves with edges. It is  similar to a band saw, but  uses saw blades similar to the coping saws and operates through a reciprocating motion.  A scroll saw has advantages compared to a band saw. The blade can be removed and placed through a pre-drilled starting hole, this allows interior cutouts without needing an entry slot.  The scroll saw can also cut more intricate curves.

Introduction to Scroll Saws

The Scroll Saw can be used to enhance your woodworking, or it can be a hobby by itself.  A scroll saw is used in fretwork and various types of inlays, and is a relatively inexpensive way to get into woodworking.

Scroll Saw Tip and Techniques

Quality scroll sawing depends on using quality wood and quality blades, more than and other type of woodworking.  Learning  the techniques and tricks involved with each will increase your enjoyment and quality of your woodwork.

The Hobby of Scroll Sawing

Scroll sawing is a hobby that can be started somewhat inexpensively, compared to most any other type of woodworking.  The basics can be learning rapidly.  By carefully choosing projects that can be easily repaired, reworked, or redone a beginner can turn out a fairly sophisticated piece of woodwork after beginning scroll sawing.

Using Scroll Saw Patterns

There are different blades, different techniques, different patterns, and even different types of scroll work.  You can learn to do them all or you can specialize in what you like.

Marquetry, Intarsia & Antique Tools

Basics of the art of wood inlays, and the collecting of antique hand tools.

Marquetry and Intarsia

There is a lot of confusion on the internet concerning the difference between Marquetry and Intarsia. I’m sure they are plenty of people whom have never seen these terms before, or are familiar with them, but never knew what they meant, so I thought I’d do a piece explaining these and related terms.

Scroll Saw

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