Scroll Saws

scroll saw
A scroll saw is used for cutting intricate curves,and is capable of creating curves with edges. It is similar to a band saw, but  uses saw blades similar to the coping saws and operates through a reciprocating motion. A scroll saw has advantages compared to a band saw. The blade can be removed and placed through a pre-drilled starting hole, this allows interior cutouts without needing an entry slot. The scroll saw can also cut more intricate curves.

Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are referred to by size. The size is the distance from the blade, to the frame of the saw. It determines how large of a workpiece can be cut with the saw. The range in price from about a hundred dollars, to a close to two thousand dollars. A pretty large price differential. The more costly ones are generally much more accurate and easier to use, as the vibration in the machine is minimal. That doesn't mean you have to buy an expensive machine to enjoy this tool, but try to use a machine prior to buying it. I've read good reviews on the DeWalt scroll saw, but haven't personally used one for more the a couple minutes.

Scroll Saw

Whether you're working on detailed crafts or simply need to make freehand cuts, the flexibility of a scroll saw is just what you need. Scroll saws are bench-mounted tools for cutting precise shapes and details in wood, metal or plastic. They're often used in intricate crafts and are very handy for making homemade puzzles. Though usually associated with small projects, most scroll saws are capable of cutting stock up to 2" thick.

Scroll Saws

When I look over the new scroll saws memories always come back to me of the first one that I had. My father made it for me, he built it around an old Briggs and Straton engine, took the head off, drilled a hole in the piston and put a stubby shaft with a slot on it to hold the blade.

What to Consider Before Buying a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw looks like a miniature band saw. They do a lot of the same work as a band saw, but on a much smaller, more intricate scale. One major difference between a scroll saw and a band saw is that the scroll saw blade is not continuous like a band saw.

Choosing a Saw

There are a lot of good saw on the market and each one has things that are different, maybe better, maybe not. If we compare it to what we drive that's why some like myself drive a Suburban, other a pickup, others a BMW, others a Cadillac, and some a Ford Taurus. What is the right saw for you is your choice, but I would like to give you a few things to consider when looking at saws.

Using a Scroll Saw

how to use a scroll saw

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