The Hobby of Scroll Sawing

Scroll Saw Hobby
Scroll sawing is a hobby that can be started somewhat inexpensively, compared to most any other type of woodworking. The basics can be learning rapidly. By carefully choosing projects that can be easily repaired, reworked, or redone a beginner can turn out a fairly sophisticated piece of woodwork after beginning scroll sawing.

The Beauty of Scroll Saw Woodwork

Scroll Saw woodwork is beautiful, very intricate and detailed wood work. The pictures have so much detail that it is almost hard to believe that someone could do this by hand with a scroll saw. All of the scroll saw work that is being shown here is done by my father. He is amazing at what he does and I am so proud of him for all that he does. He has put a lot of work into these pieces.

Scroll Sawing as a Hobby

Scroll Sawing is a hobby whose popularity has grown rapidly over the last few years. Both men and women as well as youngsters are discovering the thrill of using a scroll saws to produce remarkably delicate and detailed works of art.  Most people that start the hobby of scrolling find it to be not only enjoyable and relaxing but quiet additive as well. Some make scrolled items for themselves and for gifts while others have turned their hobby of scrolling into a small business, and still others just sell enough of their completed work to pay for the wood and supplies that they use.

Beginner's Guide to the Scroll Saw

While this brief guide only scratches the surface of the existing knowledge and techniques regarding the tool known as the scroll saw, it provides a quick explanation of the key concepts of this special tool.

Basic Wood Cutting with a Scroll Saw

Otherwise sawing with a scroll saw is easy and fun. Most pieces you will be cutting have smoother and gradual curves and longer lines to cut.  Please work in a well ventilated room when using a scroll saw and avoid inhalation of fine dust particles. Wear a paper mask if you can.

Scroll Saw Basics

If you are wanting to try your hand at scroll work, and have not yet bought a saw, I hope these guidelines will help. I like at least a 16" scroll saw as it gives you more working area.  The saw should be a variable speed saw. Different woods cut better at different speeds.  The controls for on/off, and to set speed, should be right up front.  Next check to see if it comes with adapters so you can use pin-less blades as well as pinned blades. Some scroll saws come with a light mounted near the front to make it easy to see your pattern lines.

Wonderful, Rewarding, Easy Woodworking Hobby

When it comes to wood crafting the choices are many. When one thinks of scroll sawing there are several areas to think about. Fretwork and Inlay are 2 that come to mind when thinking about 2 dimensional scroll sawing work. I consider Intarsia to be more 3 dimensional but all 3 of these use the scroll saw as the power tool of choice. Other woodworking choices are carving, wood turning, wood burning, and Whittling, just to name a few.

The Hobby of Scrol Sawing

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