Wood Carving Fundamentals

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An introduction to the fundamentals of wood carving including tools, techniques and the art. Woodworking carving can be enjoyed at many levels, from whittling a stick with a pocket knife to carving a sculpture in a fully equipped shop with chisels and power tools.

Guide to Wood Carving

Carving is the form of woodworking where the cutting away of wood is done by hand, resulting in a dimensional wooden figure. It is simply the art of carving wood to make decorative objects.

Basic Wood Carving

Although it popular to this that you can pickup a random piece of wood, and a steak knife or of the kitchen and carve a piece of art, it doesn't really work that way.  Having the right supplies, and the right piece of wood is essential to learning the skills needed.

Introductory Primer to Wood Carving

Of all the art forms available to craftsmen, wood carving may well be one of the oldest developed skill in man's history. Carved designs and accents have appeared in furniture design, the building components of our homes and places of worship, the household items that we use everyday, and of course as simply beautiful decorative sculptures.

Intermediate Wood Carving

After the basic of wood carving are learned you can go on to various carving projects. Some can be made in a short amount of time, other more time consuming and intricate. Its important to find where your talents and interest fall so that you can concentrate in those areas.

Wood Carving as Art

After learning the basic, and trying out some simple project, anyone with advance skill can move on the wood carving for art's sake. Doing it right takes time, talent,  technique, and the proper supplies.

Wood Carving Tools

Having the right tool for the carving job, and keeping those tools maintained correctly if significant to any carve who wants to get a job done right.

Technique and Woods to use for Woodworking Carving

Woodworking Carving involves having the right tools, but also learning correct technique and have the right wood for any projects.  Once proper technique is learned it takes time and practice to master them.

What Exactly is Chip Carving?

Chip Carving is representative of the Chipping Away style; it has a history of use in decorating various wood household objects including furniture, and in creating wholly creative pieces. Although the finished chip carved pieces often display an intricacy and beauty one may think is attainable only by a long-lived master carver, chip carving can be surprisingly easy to learn.

Making a Simple Decoy

So you want to make a decoy duck. Do you have a piece of wood laying around that's 5" X 8" X 15"? Well, I didn't think so. Can you go down to your local lumber store and pick up a piece that size? I didn't think so. So go to your local lumber store and buy a piece of framing lumber 2" X 10" X 8 foot long. It must be straight, not bowed or warped. Most framing lumber is some type of pine. Sight down the length of it and then across the width of it. Is it bowed? If so pick another one.

Would You like to Learn to Wood Carving

I know there are many men and women in our area and wherever the Internet reaches who would enjoy wood carving very much. It is very gratifying to carve a piece of wood into a recognizable shape. The process is very rewarding in that it gives you a sense of accomplishment while at the same time making you feel relaxed. Of course, if you love the thrill of competition, this hobby can give you that also.

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