Woodturning Jigs,

and Lathe Chucks

Turned Wood Peppermills
How to get the most from  chucks, jigs, centers, and face-plates. Various mounting methods for spindles, bowls, and hollow turnings, including the differences between spindle mounting centers, store bought chucks, homemade jamb chucks, face plate mountings, and vacuum clamping.

Jigs Basics

Woodworking Jigs and safety, Kreg k4, Shelf Pin Jigs, Templates, and Introductions to Jigs and Joints.

Woodturning Jigs

More advance turning project require more advance jigs.  Often if you find a job repetitive and difficult there is a jig to make your life easier.

Woodturning Jig Techniques

Once you make or purchase a jig it is important to use it correctly.  Many jigs are self evident in how they work, but other that a little instruction.

Vacuum and Jam Chucking

In a vacuum chuck, air is pumped from a cavity behind the workpiece, and atmospheric pressure provides the holding force.

Jigs for Woodturning

Woodturning use a number of jigs many of which can be made in-shop. 

Lathe Chuck Tips

A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object, to hold a rotating work piece blank in the headstock spindle of a lathe.

Building a Lathe Chuck

There a several occasion when a homemade chuck becomes desirable to complete a particular project. While making your own chuck is not common it might save you money, or make a project feasible.

Woodturning Jig for Off-Centered Turning

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