Final Finishing

Most wood turning pieces are going for a specific finished look.  Learn the difference so that you can plan ahead and have the right supplies on hand when you need them.

Tung Oil and other oils that are used for finishing

I think enough of oil finishes, and Tung Oil in particular, to give it a separate article for discussion and comparison.  I have used the stuff for years and I will share what I have learned.

Wipe-On Varnishes and Oils

A wipe-on oil with varnish resins is an ideal finish for the woodturner. It is easy to apply, very forgiving, easy to repair, and gives the wood a durable protective film that is not easily damaged by water, food acids, body oils, or solvents.

Oils and Varnishes Over Deft

Any of the commercial or home-brew varnishes and oils can be used over Deft. The wiping varnish that I prefer is a home-brew blend.

Making varnish look like Glass

First I would recommend you use a varnish called Varathane.

A 'Deft' Finish Applied On the Lathe

This is a true glossy lacquer finish that I use on nearly all of my turnings.

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