Vacuum and Reverse Jam Chucking

In a vacuum chuck, air is pumped from a cavity behind the workpiece, and atmospheric pressure provides the holding force.

Setting up a Vacuum Chuck

A vacuum chuck is a very simple way to reverse mount your work for cleaning off the bottoms.

Basics of Vacuum Chucks

The basic principle of vacuum chucking involves the science of the atmosphere around us. normal atmospheric pressure, at sea level, is just under 15 pounds per square inch. That means if we create a vacuum, such as a vacuum chuck, the barrier between the atmosphere and the vacuum, in this case our turning, has a pressure exerted upon it by the atmosphere.

Vacuum Chucking

I made my own vacuum chuck set up for the most part. I ordered the kit for the gauge and valve from Veneer Supply.

How to Use a Vacuum Press for Wood Turning

I've always wanted to adapt my vacuum press so I could use it for vacuum chucking small bowls on my lathe. This way, I can finish up the bottoms without showing any machine markings.

A Different Way of Jam Chucking

I often turn small oil candle holders that hold glass confetti oil bottles. These usually require a 1 ½” diameter hole for the glass insert. After turning and parting off the holder, I like to reverse chuck the piece and finish turning the bottom.

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