Woodturning Lathe Issues

The wood lathe is a complicate piece of equipment and problems and issues will arise when using one.  Being prepared for these problem will keep them from growing.

Common Mistakes in Wood Turning

Trying to go too fast is the most common drawback that wood turners fall into. You want things to be easy. Avoid doing this. You will not only mess up your work but you damage to something more important , yourself.  Making things happen fast is the top cause of injuries.

Troubleshooting a Mini Lathe

A mini lathe is a great tool to have if you have limited room, but would like to pursue a woodworking hobby such as lathe turning. As with any other kind of power tool, the lathe can stop working at any time due to problems with the machine, and you may find yourself unable to turn the lathe back on in the usual manner.

Troubleshooting a Wood Lathe

If you own a wood lathe and it has not been performing to its exact standards, there may be underlying problems with the lathe. You need to find the source of these issues so that you can continue using your wood lathe. Finding out what is wrong with your lathe requires some basic investigation into the possible causes.

Cutting and Sharpening in Woodturning

Cutting and Sharpening in Woodturning.

Setting the Appropriate Lathe Turning Speed

A well rounded shop will have different tools that perform functions such as cutting, sanding, drilling, and lathe turning. Turning with a lathe is a great skill which will enable you to build things such as table legs, bed posts, and even bowls. Setting up a lathe for each job means that you must set a different speed. Here are some basic tips for setting the appropriate lathe turning speed.

How to Test a Lathe

Here are three simple tests to run on candidate lathes before choosing which one to buy.

Aligning Lathe Centers

While this alignment problem will undoubtedly seem like a simple problem to veteran turners, we can cure this problem easily in most cases and perhaps eliminate a common bump in the learning process at the same time.

Segmented Bowl Woodturning Issues

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