Woodturning Lathe Tips and Types

Being able to complete complicated lathe techniques will allows you to create more difficult and skilled projects.

Wood Turning Lathe Tips, Techniques and Projects

Woodturning lathes have become more and more popular in the woodworking shop today. One may be in your future or you may be looking for more ways to turn wood on the one you now have.

Advance Lathe Turning Techniques

Having mastered the basics, many woodworkers quickly move on to more advanced wood lathe turning techniques. Being able to use more complicated lathe techniques will allows you to create more intricate and professional looking projects. As you try out your new skills, you will find yourself learning with each piece of wood you put on the lathe.

The Difference Between a Bench and Center Lathe

A bench lathe is small enough that you need to bolt it to a table for use. In use for hundreds of years, a lathe is used to create a cylindrical object out of a larger, sometimes square, piece of material. You may use lathes to work with all sorts of materials.  Bench lathes and center lathes are mechanically identical. The only major difference is their mounting. A center lathe and its stand are usually a single unit. A bench lathe is mounted to a bench.

Types of Lathes

Lathes perform the machining operation known as "turning." While turning, material is removed from a workpiece by rotating it against a tool. Turning is a central production operation in the manufacture of many metal, plastic and wood parts.

Guide to Mini Wood Lathes

A small version of the wood lathe is the mini wood lathe. This small table top version is used to create woodworking, art and hobby crafts. The small wood lathe is semi-portable as long as there is a flat surface large enough to place the base.

Jet JWL-1236 Wood Lathe Tips & Tricks

The Jet JWL-1236 is my first lathe so if you are new (or maybe not so new) to woodturning, this is a page to watch. As I learn to operate the lathe and explore various forms of woodturning, there are sure to be discoveries and revelations along the way. I will document them as they occur and update this page, so come back often.

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