Best Selling Woodworking Hardcover Books - First Quarter 2011

Best Selling Hardcover Books - First Quarter 2011

 1.  The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction

Introducing a new woodworking series in the tradition of Tage Frid...a series filled with essential information required by woodworkers today. For the first time ever, all the techniques and processes necessary to craft beautiful things from wood have been compiled into three comprehensive volumes: The Complete Illustrated Guides. Highly visual and written by woodworking's finest craftsmen, these three titles -- Furniture & Cabinet Construction, Shaping Wood, and Joinery -- will establish a new standard for shop reference books.

2. Workbenches: From Design And Theory To Construction And Use (Popular Woodworking)

Every workbench should be able to easily work the edges, faces and ends of boards. But most benches built during the last 100 years fail on at least one of these tasks. This book dives deep into the historical records of the 18th and 19th centuries and breathes new life into traditional designs that were fantastic to use. These old-school benches are simpler than modern benches, easier to build and perfect for both power and hand tools.The reader will learn the fundamental rules of good workbench design that have been largely forgotten. The book explains all of the complex vises and ways of holding work so the reader can understand what they do. And it shows you how to use this knowledge to design a workbench any reader will love, using two venerable designs as basic skeletons. Unlike other books on the topic, this one isn't a tour of unusual or beautiful workbenches. Instead it's essential reading for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty in their workshop.

3. Understanding Wood REV/E

In this essential reference for woodworkers, R. Bruce Hoadley explains everything from how trees grow to how best to cut, season, machine, join, bend, and finish wood. Why do miters open and glue joints loosen? How do you get a really sharp edge? Examples of problems and solutions help woodworkers puzzle through their own projects, while full-color photos and helpful tables illustrate key points.

4. Tauntons Complete Illustrated Guide To Finishing

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing features advanced techniques on controlling and adjusting color, disguising defects, and repairing finishes. This clear and comprehensive volume for woodworkers includes 850 color photos as well as 30 color illustrations.

5. Understanding Wood Finishing: How to Select and Apply the Right Finish (American Woodworker)

For more than 18 years, Bob Flexner has been inspiring woodworkers with his writings and teachings on wood finishing. Now, from this best-selling author comes the long-awaited and completely updated second edition of Understanding Wood Finishing - the most practical, comprehensive book on finishing ever published.

6. Tauntons Complete Illustrated Guide To Turning

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning features step-by-step descriptions for an abundance of wood turning techniques, including both spindle and faceplate methods. Over 900 color photos accompany detailed, hands-on instructions for turning wood, including how to use lathes, turning tools and materials, chucks, as well as sharpening tools.

7. The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers (Popular Woodworking)

Nearly every operation in woodworking uses a piece of steel between the woodworker and the wood. This steel needs to be cared for and sharpened for the best results. "The Perfect Edge" is an up-to-date book on sharpening every woodworking tool, using the latest sharpening stones, tools and techniques. The author brings more than twenty-five years of experience, working with demanding customers and staying on top of the latest trends.

8. The Workbench: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench

In this fresh and contemporary look at the world of workbenches, Lon Schleining takes us on a guided tour of a wide variety of classic, modern, and specialty benches and offers hundreds of options for choosing or building that perfect bench and its accessories. The Workbench looks at the classic subject with a focus on helping readers find the right bench and accessories for their needs. The object is to guide the reader through making critical choices, including whether to buy it or build it. Even long-time woodworkers dream of the perfect bench and the time to build it, and for them the real enjoyment is in the planning. With 279 color photos and additional illustrations, this book provides in-depth information along with the inspiration to fulfill workshop dreams.

9. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery

Learn how to make every practical woodworking joint in every possible way with the step-by-step photo essays in this book. Professional furniture maker and Fine Woodworking contributing editor Gary Rogowski covers it all -- from standard techniques to variations -- in this complete visual reference to joinery.

10. Puzzle Boxes: Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects (Popular Woodworking)

The only way to make a more popular book on making boxes is to add a puzzle. And not just any puzzle, spring loaded, hidden drawer puzzles! These band-sawn puzzle boxes have it all. The book takes two, popular small-project styles (boxes and puzzles) and combines them into some mind-blowing projects. With a small amount of instruction and some practice, the reader will be able create amazing puzzle boxes using wood that would usually be thrown away as scrap. There are 12 projects of increasing difficulty, as well as a section on how to choose the best wood and how to apply finishes.

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