Cordless Drill Basics

Over time cordless tools have and will continue to replace corded power tools.  Most top of the line cordless tools  work just as well as there corded counterpart, as battery technology improves corded power tools will become more obsolete. 

Cordless Drill

The only major difference between a good new cordless drill and non-cordless drill is the absence of the power cord. With the new more powerful batteries, up to 36 volts, you would need a very specific reason to buy a corded drill over a cordless.
There is a wide variety of drill choices that you can buy. This is good for the consumer, however it can also get confusing so here are a few considerations to take note.

Cordless Hammer Drill

The cordless hammer drill action is nowadays found on many drills. When first introduced on cordless drills, the hammer movement was not very powerful or a very reliable feature. With improvements in power cell technology and popularity of cordless batteries, and the hammer feature cordless drills has received greater and greater esteem. Let's look at the cordless hammer drill to see if it is really a viable alternative for a professional woodworker.

Buying Cordless Tool Kits: Buyer Beware

When you buy cordless tool kits, you can save more money than if you buy each tool individually. Imagine walking up to a register carrying a battery-powered reciprocating saw, a circular saw and a drill. Then imagine pulling out your wallet. Still, while it may be advantageous to get your tools in sets, be mindful of a few factors before settling on a kit.

Can Rechargeable Batteries Be Used in Cordless Electric Drills?

Cordless electric drills are a convenient tool to have around the house. They are inexpensive, and can be used is many household applications. Some cordless drills come with their own special battery packs, and other require you to use household batteries. Here's what you should know about using rechargeable batteries in a cordless drill.

Reasons to Buy Reconditioned Cordless Tools

Consider buying reconditioned cordless tools or refurbished cordless tools rather than brand new ones. The word reconditioned does not necessarily mean that the item is old and overused. These tools have actually been returned to manufacturers because of minor problems or cosmetic flaws, such as chipped paint coating.

Drill Batteries

Cordless power drills are powered by rechargeable drill batteries. There are only 3 different types of batteries available: lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium. Each of these batteries has its advantages and disadvantages. The battery that comes with your drill is only going to last so long. After so many charges the battery will have to be replaced. You may want to consider the replacement cost of the battery before you make your initial purchase.

Cordless Drill Basic

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