Using a Drill, Drill Bits and Accessories

The are different type of drills, and each has different accessories and dozens of drill bits.  Know which drill bit you need, how to use them, and which accessories you need and which you will want. 

Drilling holes at an angle

Sometimes its necessary to drill multiple holes at an angle, and all the holes need to be the same. There's an easy way to set this up with a drill press and a few scraps of wood. Even if the accuracy is need.  Much of my work is done so it looks good. Hairsplitting accuracy isn't always needed, depending on the project.

How to Use a Power Drill

A power drill is one of the most versatile tools in your home improvement toolbox. There are several different applications that the power drill can do very well. You can drill holes, screw in screws and bolts, strip paint, wax a car, or sand wood.  When you talk about a power drill, you are not talking about the cordless kind. A cordless drill does not have the power that a drill that you plug in will have. This is what makes a power drill good for other applications like stripping, sanding, and polishing.

How a Drill Press Works

One of the most indispensable tools in any machine or wood shop is the drill press. A drill press is an electric drill attached to a machine so that the drill is facing straight down, allowing it to be mechanically raised and lowered as needed. Here is a look at how a drill press works.

Safety Tips for Working with a Drill Press

Safety with the Drill Press - A few safety precautions must be remembered while operating a drill press.

Drill Bits

These drill bits are the most common ones used in woodworking.

Different Sizes of Drill Bits Explained

For just about every conceivable job requiring a bored hole into brick, wood, light metal, tile or glass, drill bits of differing size and shape will do the trick. When used with either a power drill or a drill press, the different kinds of drill bits are most effective. Carpenters, contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike benefit from having an assortment of drill bits at their disposal.

Accessories for your Drill Press

Wouldn't you just hate to be a drill press. Can you imagine a more un-exciting tool? It seems to have only ever have one use, drilling holes, which of course it does very nicely, which is why everyone who doesn't have one wants one, and everyone who does have one wants a better one.

Everything You Want To Know About Drilling

There are three basic types of drilling commonly in use by today's woodworker - and dozens of different types of drilling bits and accessories available to make your work easier and ensure the best results.  Most beginning woodworkers give very little thought to the drilling of holes. As a rule, they already have a set of common twist bits and a portable electric drill.

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